You may be wondering so do my friends & colleagues why AIM in the presence of dozens of Jamats, APMF, WMO, Foundations, Societies etc.? The same question haunted me for quite some time until I closely associated in the Administration with MEMON HEALTH & EDUCATION FOUNDATION (MHEF), WMO, APMF, ADAMJEE FOUNDATION & few others (with whom I have no personal experience), With the exception of few mention many of other I found lack Qualitative Administration & Visions. I congratulate Mr. Ahmed Chinoy & Mr. A.Razzak Vayani of APMF for their new Secretariat & tribute to my friend Late Mr.Farooq Motlani & WMO for their sincere efforts in Education under my seniors Mr. Yousuf Adil/ Mr. Peer Muhammed Kalia, & last but not least MHEF under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Pir Muhammad Diwan.


AIM initially focused on the following issues to address:-

1. Because of the economic turmoil gripped the world. As a consequences, White Collar Middle Class Memon families are the worst sufferer. The management in Jamats will agree with me that donations have shrunken more than 50% and few Zakat-free funds are available in Education & Health for white collars applicants. Ever increasing cost of Education & Health compelled middle class to live below poverty line. AIM main focused is to tackle such issue with our slogan “By the Middle Class, for the Middle Class” which shall be announced from time to time depend on your suggestions & participations.

2. The other “Grey area” is the negligible participation of Educated Middle Class Women., a silent majority are being completely ignored in any activities specially in Pakistan. They have denied Membership Card or participate in the Election. I am a practicing Muslim, living in Karachi and my question is why women should not participate, specially growing educated & middle class families while observing purdah? How many Institutions, factories, or other Commercial ventures are run by such Memon Organizations where those women could earn their livelihood & support their families.

3. While working as an Office Secretary, I have observed that our young generation, specially from Educated Middle Class families hardly visit Jamats or participate except Qurbani Hides collection. They are shy to participate but smart enough to know and have their own reservations and resentments.

AIM has believes and committed based on the following three principals:-

                 ACADEMIC SUPPORT



                      MEDICAL SUPPORT


* Congratulation to Mr. Ahmed Chinoy & his penal of being elected as president of APMF & Chief CPLC & hope to bring qualitative changes not in your future plan but also in the "Administration" as well by appointing educated/well-mannered staff on merit...Well done & token of appreciation of your sincere efforts.